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"No Nail" Saw Tooth Hanger PFSH18 "No Nail" Saw Tooth Hanger
"No Nail" Saw Tooth Hanger - 15/16" (24mm) long x 5/16" (8mm) wide
 £0.12 - £0.14  Buy Now
Saw Tooth Hanger With Nails PFSH10 Saw Tooth Hanger With Nails
Saw Tooth Hanger with nails - 1 7/8" (48mm) long x 1/4" (6mm) wide
 £0.09 - £0.11  Buy Now
Key Hooks DHOOK Key Hooks
Key/Dresser Hooks brass plated. Sold individually
 £0.08 - £0.10  Buy Now
Keyring Chain with Connector KR11N Keyring Chain with Connector
22mm Splitring and chain Nickel Plated complete with Connector We also offer a great range of Keyfobs in sycamore why not take a look here  £0.26 - £0.28 
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Keyring Beaded Chain JP229G Keyring Beaded Chain
Keyring Beaded Chain (Silver Coloured) - 4" (100mm) Long. We also offer a great range of Keyfobs in sycamore why not take a look here  £0.20 - £0.22 
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Keyring Split Ring JPG721 Keyring Split Ring
Keyring Split Ring (Silver Coloured) - 3/4" (20mm) diameter. We also offer a great range of Keyfobs in sycamore why not take a look here  £0.08 - £0.10 
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Brooch Pin BP Brooch Pin
Nickel plated brooch Pin Available in 2 sizes:- 3/4" (19mm) 1" (25mm)
 £0.10  Buy Now
Adhesive Backed Brooch Pin with catch BPSA Adhesive Backed Brooch Pin with catch
Nickel plated brooch Pin with catch and self adhesive backing strip Available in 1 1/4" ((32mm)
 £0.12  Buy Now
Campfire Mandolin Parts Kit SMMPK Campfire Mandolin Parts Kit
If you’re building the Campfire Mandolin kit, then these are the final parts you will need to complete it. First are the tuners for fixing up those dearly loved...
 £52.50  Buy Now
Insert for Candle Stick CSI1 Insert for Candle Stick
Brass Candle Stick Insert Fits 29/32"(23mm) hole As supplied with our range of candle sticks ...
 £0.20 - £0.26  Buy Now
1/2" (12.5mm) Round Button Magnets MTB050 1/2" (12.5mm) Round Button Magnets
1/2"(12.5mm) Dia Magnets 3/16"(5mm) thick These are really good for turning our cutouts into fridge magnets.
 £0.10 - £0.18  Buy Now
3/4" (19mm) Round Button Magnets MTB075 3/4" (19mm) Round Button Magnets
Round Button Magnets 3/16"(5mm) thick x 3/4"(19mm) Diameter Our customers love to use these ceramic disc magnet buttons to connect wood toy trains, toy trucks with wooden...
 £0.11 - £0.21  Buy Now
Bar Magnets MTO875 Bar Magnets
7/8"(22mm) Bar Magnet. 3/16"(5mm) thick. Our ceramic bar magnets are great for wood craft projects.
 £0.12 - £0.14  Buy Now
Magnetic Strip MTS050 Magnetic Strip
1/2"(12.5mm) Magnet Strip 1/16"(1.6mm) thick 6"(150mm) Long With a self adhesive backing Sold in single strip. 1 = 6”(150mm) - 2 = 12”(300mm) So if you order 6 you...
 £0.10 - £0.20  Buy Now
Box Clasp/Latch BXCLSP Box Clasp/Latch
This modern, sprung case clasp/latch is perfect for all types of boxes. It has a sturdy sprung lever for added security, this metal latch comes in an electro brass plated...
 £1.30 - £1.70  Buy Now
Box Lid Stay BXSTAY Box Lid Stay
Used for all types of boxes and cases, these lid stays provide an elegant way to support the lid eliminating the risk of damage. Made in Germany, these stays are made in...
 £1.30 - £1.70  Buy Now
Machine Screw KBS0832 Machine Screw
Zinc Knob Screws 8/32" thread x 1"(25.4mm) Long Roundhead, machine screw Suggested for use with End Grain Mushroom Knobs with insert. These provide a stronger, more...
 £0.08  Buy Now
Round head screw for knobs KBS125 Round head screw for knobs
Phillips Roundhead Knob Screws #11 x 1 1/4"(32mm), Zinc plated.
 £0.08  Buy Now

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